we drive success to your everyday business

At our company, our driving force is to propel your everyday business towards success. We understand the challenges you face and are dedicated to providing the solutions and support necessary to overcome them. From strategic planning to execution, we’re committed to driving tangible results that elevate your business to new heights.

Accelerate your sales cycle effortlessly

We help streamline all the parts within the CRM machinery to create a smooth Revenue Generating Sales Engine.

Automated Lead Nurturing 100%
Pipeline Analytics 100%
Seamless CRM Integration 100%

Customer-Centric marketing

we prioritize customer-centric marketing, placing your customers at the heart of every strategy and decision. By understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points, we tailor our approach to deliver personalized experiences that resonate and drive meaningful engagement. Our commitment to putting your customers first ensures long-lasting relationships and sustainable business growth.

Innovative Approach

Partnering with professionals ensures innovative approaches and proven data expertise that may not be readily available in-house yielding high ROI.

Specialized Knowledge

Outsourcing provides access to domain experts with extensive knowledge in Sales Strategy, CRM Management and Data Driven Decision Making.

Streamlined Operations

Maximizes efficiency optimizes workflow, and boosts productivity for dynamic sales performance.


Trusted by many customers

Marginsales Sales Ops Services have changed our sales processes. With their strategic insights, we’ve seen remarkable improvements in efficiency and profitability. I would recommend them anyday!

Jai Bhargav – Allwell

Meet the Founders

Pooja Singh LinkedIN MarginSales Website Image
Pooja Singh

15 years+ of experience in Sales Operations, Salesforce, CRM processes, reporting, contracts, and pipeline management.

Pooja Singh LinkedIN MarginSales Website Image
Pooja Singh
Atul Singh LinkedIN MarginSales Website Image
atul singh

15 years of experience in IT, RE & International Sales. Creates compelling brand narratives and is a dedicated Marketing Expert.

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atul singh

Facilitate Client-Centric Sales Operations Services

Effortlessly Empower Your Sales Operations with Client-Focused Services. Your sales Ops will be transformed with our seamless, client-centered approach.

Innovative Solutions for every customer

Unlock the power of interactive ideas that cater to diverse customer requirements. Our solutions are designed to engage, inspire, and drive results for your business.